To help ensure that everyone in room 36 has the best opportunity to learn, each student is expected to sign a conduct contract.  The purpose of this contract is to ensure that everyone understands the behavioral expectations in room 36 as well as the consequences for breaking any rules.  Please remember this contract whenever you are in room 36.


Expectations (Consequences)

Students are expected to:

1. Be in classroom when the bell rings (tardy; loss of participation points)

2. Have all materials necessary for class ready when the bell rings (loss of participation points)

3. Have a pen/pencil for class (loss of participation points)

4. Treat themselves and others with respect (loss of participation points)

5. Complete tasks when asked to do so (loss of participation points)

6. Not pack up their bags/books early (loss of participation points)

7. Not use cell phones, ipods, or other electronic devices without permission of teacher (**see below for exact policy**)

8. Not copy other students’ work or cheat in any other way (zero for the assignment)

9. Use the bathroom BETWEEN CLASSES (loss of participation points, if you leave during class)

10.  Use their planner if they wish to travel during class (no planner, no travel)


Participation Points

  You will begin each day with 5 participation points.  If you are not prepared for class or do not participate respectfully on a given day, you will lose points.  If you use the bathroom during class, you will lose points.  If you refuse to do any assigned work or fail to begin your homework if you are given time during class, you will lose points.  The loss of participation points is not limited to the examples above.  Participation points add up to two full test grades by the end of the nine weeks. 

 Cell Phone/Electronics Policy & Consequences

  Students may either place cell phone/electronics on top corner of their desk or leave in their bag BUT in either case it must be OFF.  If it is going to be used in class, I will instruct the student as to the protocol for the assignment.  The first time the student is violating the policy, then they will be warned.  The second time the student violates the policy, then they will be asked to place the electronics on the teacher’s desk to pick up at the end of class.  The third time the student violates the policy, it will be seen as a disruption, and the student will be sent to the office with a referral.