School Board Meeting

October 12, 2011


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Troy Harlow, Chairman; Jason Collier,  Vice Chairman; Michelle Flynn, Member; Darcy Higgins, Member; Graydon Lamb, Member;  David C. Jeck, Superintendent; Shanna Deane, Clerk






The closed session meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. in the conference room of William Monroe High School.


Mrs. Flynn made a motion to move into closed session; Mr. Lamb seconded motion carried.


Mr. Lamb made a motion to reconvene into open session in the County Board Room at 7:03 p.m.; Mrs. Flynn seconded, motion carried.


Board certified by roll call vote that only such matters identified in the motion were heard or discussed.  All certified. 


Mr. Collier moved to accept personnel matters including hiring, resignations and other personnel matters as discussed in closed session.  Mrs. Flynn seconded, motion carried.  Following are the appointments and resignations:  CERTIFIED STAFF:  Elizabeth Glynn, GCPS teacher, 0 exp; Tina Pugh, LPN, 15 years exp  NON-CERTIFIED STAFF:  None SUBSTITUTE BUS DRIVER:  Harold Bare, Larry Gibson, Mary Lewis, Wayne Wood SUBSTITUTE CAR DRIVER:  None SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN:  None SUBSTITUTE TEACHER-LICENSED TEACHER:  Kathleen Bernardino, William Stewart  RESIGNATIONS:  Doris Collier – Bus Driver eff. 10-6-11; Shelah Haggenmaker – RES Secretarial Assistant & Bus Driver eff. 10-10-11  RETIREMENTS:  None REDUCTION IN FORCE – TEACHER ASSISTANTS:  None NOT RECOMMENDED FOR REAPPOINTMENT: None TERMINATIONS:  Mike Morris – RES Custodian eff. 9-30-11; FMLA exhausted unable to work – applied for disability retirement


Mr. Lamb made a motion to accept the consent agenda as presented; Mrs. Flynn seconded, motion carried.


Dr. Jeck and Mr. Harlow presented recognition certificates to the following three students for receiving exceptional achievement in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Talent Search:  Noah Harlow, Yesaya Iman and Robert “Zach” Wright.


Mr. Harlow presented the VSBA Academy Awards to a few of the board members, Dr. Jeck and Mrs. Deane.  Mrs. Flynn received the VSBA Award of Honor; Dr. Jeck received the Award of Excellence; and the Certificates of Recognition went to Mr. Higgins, Mr. Lamb and Mrs. Deane. 


Mr. Harlow stated that public comments could be made on matters not below on the agenda. 


Mr. Michael Haney, former employee of Greene County schools, spoke on behalf of the community regarding a petition toward the new gymnasium floor being honored in the name of former coach Randy Mitchie.  Mr. Haney stated that 256 signatures were obtained for this request. 


Dr. Jeck presented action item #10-286, 2011 Budget Surplus Resolution.  Dr. Jeck stated that VSBA and VASS are encouraging school divisions to pass a resolution in support of public education in Virginia.  This resolution asks that a share of the $544.8 million be allocated to K-12 public education to restore funds that were cut in fiscal years 2009, 2010, and 2011.  Mr. Harlow read the resolution into the minutes.  Mrs. Flynn made a motion to accept the 2011 Budget Surplus Resolution as presented.  Mr. Higgins seconded, all ayes, motion carried.


Mrs. Whitmarsh presented information item #10-287, Education Update.  Mrs. Whitmarsh stated that every month each principal will have the opportunity to speak about the activities taking place in their school.  She introduced Mr. Jamerson of WMHS to give his presentation on literacy and college/career readiness.


Mr. Jamerson gave a brief summary on SAT results from the 2010-2011 year and how our scores compared with neighboring divisions, state averages and national averages.  Mr. Jamerson highlighted that the number of students taking the SAT went from 78 to 110 in 2010-2011, which resulted in the test scores increasing.


Mr. Jamerson presented the number of students taking AP and dual enrollment classes, which is ~1,000 credit hours for the 2011-2012 school year.  He emphasized that students want to take the higher level courses.


Mr. Jamerson also gave a brief summary on a poster that was created after a study by Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service called “Expectations for William Monroe High School Students Preparing for College and Career.”  This poster has been placed in classrooms and other areas around the school.  It gives the skills that students need to attain in addition to the curriculum.


Mr. Higgins asked how the expectations were presented to students and staff.  Mr. Jamerson responded that the process was started about a month ago.  The teachers incorporate the expectations through lessons.  He stated that class meetings were held to explain the poster.


Mr. Higgins asked how the feedback has been from teachers.  Mr. Jamerson responded that teachers have given good feedback, but it has been challenging. 


Mr. Harlow commented on the documentation that Mr. Jamerson gave to the school board.   Dr. Jeck stated that the skills on the poster coincide with the 21st Century skills.  He emphasized that we doing the right things based on how the SAT scores are improving as the number of students taking the test increases.  Dr. Jeck stated the next challenge will be how to assess students on these career readiness skills.


Mrs. Powell presented information item #10-288, Finance Update and School Fund Audit Report.  Mrs. Powell stated that there was no financial summary for the month of October.  She informed the school board that the Treasurer’s office has completed the bank reconciliations for FY 2011.  The County Finance Director will be closing a month per day to be caught up on her records by the end of October 2011.


Mrs. Powell presented the School Fund Audit Report to the school board.  She explained that these are funds generated at the school level by various activities, projects, etc.  Mrs. Powell stated that comments provided by Robertson, Farmer & Cox (RFC) Accounting Firm will be addressed with bookkeepers during the week of October 17, 2011. 


Mr. Higgins inquired about the recommendations made for all schools on page 15 of the audit report regarding the segregation of duties.  Mrs. Powell stated in an ideal work setting the position of the person making purchases should be separate from the position of paying the bills.  She stated that having a whole other person hired for this is not cost effective at this time.


Mr. Lamb commented on the recommendations made on page 16 regarding bank reconciliations being completed in a timely manner.  Mrs. Powell stated that timely reconciliations need to be complete before the audit review.  Comments regarding supporting documentation for transactions Mrs. Powell considers more significant.  There were only two such comments and Mrs. Powell is addressing all comments with each bookkeeper. 


Dr. Jeck presented item #10-289, Athletic and Performing Arts Facilities Update.  Dr. Jeck stated that he is pleased with the progress made on the project; however, there are still a few issues with the concession stand.  Since there has been good weather, top soil has been put down and paving has been completed.  Dr. Jeck announced that Friday, October 14th at 6:00 pm the Q & A Tour for the School Board, Board of Supervisors and EDA Board members will take place.  At half time during the home football game that evening there will be recognition for all boards for the help they have given toward this project.  There will be an official dedication of the field in spring 2012.


Mrs. Flynn inquired about communication with the coaches.  Dr. Jeck responded that some of the coaches are frustrated about the project, but there are others who understand the timeline and they get it.


Dr. Jeck presented item #10-290, Calendar for FY 2013 Budget Development.  Dr. Jeck presented a draft of the FY 2013 Budget calendar.  The general discussion was to change the second monthly meetings during the budget process to the second Wednesday of the month instead of the second Monday.  This will be an action item for the November 9, 2011 meeting with amendments.


Dr. Jeck presented item #10-291, JMU Dual Enrollment Program.  Dr. Jeck stated that we will be offering a class for the 2012-2013 school year that is taught by one of our teachers at the high school level.  A professor from JMU will come into the classroom to oversee it throughout the course of the year.  Dr. Jeck emphasized that this is an excellent opportunity for our students.  Mrs. Whitmarsh added that students would receive JMU credits for the class.  She also stated that students would be required to attend a camp at JMU before starting the program.


Mrs. Flynn inquired about partnering with Madison on this program.  Mrs. Whitmarsh responded that the details are still a work in progress.  Mr. Higgins asked if the financial arrangements were similar to what we have with PVCC or one of our other programs.  Mrs. Whitmarsh responded that there would be a cost involved and it would be absorbed by the school or the student that had not yet been determined.


Dr. Jeck presented item #10-292, 2011-2012 Calendar Revision – March 6, 2012 Presidential Primary.  Dr. Jeck stated that Ruckersville Elementary is considered a voting facility according to the Office of the General Registrar of Voters.  Dr. Jeck stated that a decision needs to be made about March 6th. He presented two options to the school board.  The first option is to encourage staff to carpool that day and communicate to parents and staff about satellite parking.  The second option is have a two hour delay of school.  Dr. Jeck requested direction from the School Board on this issue. 


Mrs. Flynn was adamant about not having a two hour delay.  She suggested communicating with parents and staff about parking strategies for March 6th.  Mr. Harlow echoed Mrs. Flynn’s opinion about the two hour delay.  He stated that it effects the entire division. 


Dr. Jeck stated that he will come up with strategies on how to communicate with parents and staff about the increase in traffic and “people” traffic for March 6th.


Dr. Jeck made three brief announcements.  The first announcement was that he attended the VASS Legislative conference on October 12, 2011.  He stated that he will put together a summary of the budget update and NCLB waiver discussions and send it out and post on the website.  The second announcement is that graduation rates were available on October 12, 2011.  Greene County’s rate is 88% which is two points above the state average.  The third announcement was that Dr. Jeck wants to start putting out surveys regarding the 2012-2013 calendar.  Dr. Jeck would like to create a two-year school calendar.  Dr. Jeck stated that the process put into place last school year with the school board’s direction worked well.  He requested the same process for the 2012-2013 calendar.  Mr. Harlow asked when the new calendar will be presented.  Dr. Jeck responded that the new school board would be considering it.


Dr. Jeck presented item #10-293, Growth and Facilities Planning.  Dr. Jeck gave a presentation on the growth trends of Greene County Schools over the past six years.  The data shows that the division is growing.  Dr. Jeck stated that Greene Primary is already overcrowded based on their enrollment and the square footage per student.  Dr. Jeck also stated that we have an unusual trend over the past two years because we have added students during the year instead of losing them.  Dr. Jeck suggested two growth planners to the school board:  VASS and Weldon Cooper. 


Mr. Higgins stated that he agreed with the VASS study.  He would like to move forward with this and consider options for getting this into the budget. 


Mr. Harlow stated that he spoke with Mr. Steve Catalano to discuss setting up a meeting between the school board and Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Harlow stated that both of them agreed to wait until the first part of next year when the new members of each board are in place.  Mr. Harlow asked if the study should be underway before that meeting. 


Mrs. Flynn stated that regardless of the turnaround time, the school division needs to move forward with the study.  She emphasized that this is an appropriate time to do this.  Ms. Brown added that the study can take six to eight weeks to complete.


Mr. Harlow stated that proposals from each company need to be available for the school board to review so a decision can be made.


Mrs. Flynn recognized Nina Wright for commending teachers on the National History Day field trip and program.  She thanked the Ruckersville Elementary staff for working to resolve the field trip issues.


Mr. Collier stated that he attended the first PREP meeting of the year.  He stated that the PREP board is in the process of working on an operations agreement with the nine schools they collaborate with and working on a lease agreement with Albemarle County regarding the use of the building they are in. 


Mr. Collier thanked everyone for their hard work at the beginning of the year.


Mr. Higgins thanked Dr. Jeck and his staff for the new tab, Growth and Facilities, on the website.


Mr. Higgins announced that he would be the delegate at the VSBA Legislative conference in November. 


Mr. Higgins stated that he filled in for Mr. Harlow at the BRVGS meeting last week.  He stated there was good discussion and review of the BRVGS mission statement.


Mr. Lamb commented on working with the Board of Supervisors regarding growth and development.


Mr. Harlow thanked Mr. Higgins for filling in for him at BRVGS.  He echoed Mr. Lamb’s comments on working with the Board of Supervisors about development and growth.


Mr. Harlow adjourned the meeting.



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